Reconstruction of Everyday Life
in the 19th Century Nicosia


Procedural Model of a Mahalla

Street with rumbled houses

Life in the City


Early prototype for high-level behavior system for Crowd Simulation. This video displays the work done on Taht el Kale mahalla (neighborhood), the buildings generated, as well as cypriot virtual civillians with specific goals "living" in the picturesque environment. Agents are able to walk, talk, dance, wave at each other when they pass by, they may even stop and talk or dance with another civillian. They are also able to go to the market for their daily shopping. Path planning, high level behavior, as well as steering and collision avoidance have been implemented and agents have the appropriate animations, creating a vivid representation of the life in the 19th century in Nicosia. Have a look below.

Traditional Dancing

Here we demonstrate a reconstruction of a Cypriot Dancer (without the Vraka) dancing a Karsilama at Kornesios House. The video on top demonstrates the final result whereas on the second one demonstrates the capturing of the dance using the motion capture system located at the University of Cyprus lab.

The actual motion capture of the traditional dances was done by Andreas Aristidou through the RPF funded project DIDAKTOR/0311/73 ViDaPe.


Animation of a citizen and a priest interacting outside a church.

Latest Updates

    RecoNLife is finished.

    This project has finished, but our goal of digitally preserving the story of Nicosia will continue.